Information for volunteers 

You can experience para athletics of the highest level up close at ParAthletics 2023. Support the Organising Committee and help to provide athletes from around the world with optimal conditions for the event at the Sport Arena Nottwil. 

More than just voluntary work!

I take a lot of this joie de vivreperseverance and integrity with me into my day-to-day life.
Lucila Monroy
Volunteer ParAthletics

Dubai, Jesolo, Marrakesh, Monterrey, Paris, Tunis and Nottwil. For the ninth time in succession, Nottwil is the location of one of the seven World Para Athletics Grand Prix events. The international elite will compete in the most varied athletics disciplines over the Whitsun weekend of 25 to 27 May 2023. Wheelchair athletes, athletes with amputations, visual impairments and learning difficulties, and people of short stature will all be competing.

Be there as a volunteer

This year we will again be relying on numerous motivated volunteers in order to be able to offer optimal conditions for the meeting.  

The Organising Committee is looking forward to your support.

Volunteers we want you!