Information for athletes

Register for the meeting and obtain key information about registering for the ParAthletics 2024 at the Sport Arena Nottwil.

The following competitions will take place under the name 'ParAthletics 2024' in Nottwil as follows

Nottwil 2024 World Para Athletics Grand Prix incl. Swiss Championships
Thursday to Saturday, 6th to 8th June 2024

Daniela Jutzeler Memorial
Sunday, 9th June 2024

Key information about the Grand Prix

The registration for the ParAthletics Grand Prix in Nottwil from 25 to 27 May 2023 is closed.

Entry fee
ParAthletics Grand Prix incl. Swiss Nationals in Nottwil, 6th to 8th June 2024
Entry fee including 5 meals: CHF 150.00

Daniela Jutzeler Memorial in Nottwil, 9th June 2024
Entry fee including 1 dinner (SAT 8th June) and 1 lunch (SUN 9th June): CHF 65.00

Payment options
Payment is possible by Paypal to or bank transfer.

Account details
Beneficiary: Schweizer Paraplegiker-Vereinigung, CH-6207 Nottwil
Bank name: Luzerner Kantonalbank
Bank address: Pilatusstrasse 12, Postfach, CH-6002 Luzern
IBAN: CH11 0077 8141 5109 2200 7

Registration is complete only after payment has been received in full by Wheelchair Sports Switzerland. Deadline for payment is 12th April 2024.

Athletes and accompanying persons are responsible themselves for booking their accommodation. A limited number of rooms has been reserved by the LOC at the two official hotels.

ATTENTION: The number of rooms in the official hotels is severely limited in 2024. Early booking is worthwhile!

After the entry deadline, any rooms still available will be released by the hotels. Transfers to and from the competition venue and to and from the airport (at an additional cost) are provided only to the two official hotels.

Official hotels

Hotel Sempachersee (inkl. GZI)
Kantonsstrasse 46
CH-6207 Nottwil
The hotel is located 300 m from the competition area.

Campus Sursee
CH-6210 Sursee
Book online now (Please indicate Promo Code 'ParAthletics2024'
The hotel is located 6 km from the competition area.


Additional, other Hotels

All hotels are well connected to the public transport network. Nottwil can be reached within 20-30 minutes by public transport.

You can obtain public transport timetables and an info sheet about special services offered by SBB from Information here: Timetable SBB

Classification for Athletes with a Physical Impairment (PI) or a Visual Impairment (VI) will take place on Monday 3rd June, Tuesday 4th June and Wednesday 5th June 2024.

Classification slots are allocated per Nation and therefore World Para Athletics will be in contact with your NPC/NF if you require classification. Athletes who will undergo Classification must arrive in Nottwil prior to the start of Classification.

PI and VI Classifications will take place at the Hotel Sempachersee, Nottwil.

All questions regarding classification and the classification schedule please refer to Natasja ter Veer – WPA Classification Coordinator (

Do you want to keep up with live results? Click here:

Find here the result lists for the ParAthletics Grand Prix in Nottwil:

SAT 27 May 2023

FRI 26 May 2023

THU 25 May 2023

Gain a quick overview of key meeting information such as registration, accommodation, transport and procedures.

Team Leader Manual
Version: 10 January, subject to modification.

Airport transfers from Zurich airport – accommodation/accommodation – Zurich airport is provided on the following days:

Sunday 2.6.2024
Tuesday 4.6.2024

Sunday 9.6.2024
Monday 10.6.2024

Transport is only provided to the hotels listed under 'Accommodation'.

Transfer 1
Zurich airport – Accommodation
CHF 60.00 per person

Transfer 2
Accommodation – Zurich airport
CHF 60.00 per person

Transfer 5 (Shuttle Campus Sursee)
Campus Sursee – Competitoin site in Nottwil – Campus Sursee
Monday to Sunday 3.–9.6.2024
Free Shuttle service

Impressions 2023

Under the following links you will find photos of the ParAthletics Grand Prix 2023 for free usage for editorial purposes. The photographer must be credited. Commercial use is not permitted.

Photographer "Team Urs Sigg"

Photographer "Tobias Lackner"

Venue Nottwil