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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Kantonsstrasse 40

CH-6207 Nottwil

Fon +41 41 939 54 00




IBAN CH06 0900 0000 6001 2400 3




Our History


After the formation of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation in 1975, the Swiss Paraplegic Association (SPA) followed on April 27th, 1980. Both were founded by the past head physician of the Swiss Paraplegic Center Basel (today REHAB Basel), Guido A. Zäch, together with the 7 already existing Wheelchair Clubs Basel, Biel, Kriens, Uster, St. Gallen, Wetzikon and Zurich.
Today, 27 Wheelchair Clubs throughout Switzerland, over 4000 Active and over 7000 Passive members belong to the Swiss Paraplegics Association (SPA). The SPA supports to a great extend financially as well as administratively the 27 Wheelchair Clubs which are honorary (volunteer) based managed. The 54 delegates (two from each club) are representing the supreme authority, the Assembly of Delegates.


1966 Founding of Kriens wheelchair club (today Zentralschweiz wheelchair club)
1969 Founding of Uster wheelchair club (today Züri Oberland wheelchair club)

Founding Paraplegic Group of Fribourg 

1972 Founding of Basel wheelchair group (today beider Basel wheelchair club)
1975 Founding of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
1976 Founding of BSC 76 Wetzikon (today Züri Oberland wheelchair club) and Bienne wheelchair club
1979 Founding of Bern and Tessin wheelchair clubs
1980 Founding of the Swiss Paraplegic Association (SPA) 
  Founding of Zürich and St. Gallen wheelchair clubs
1982 Accession of Bern wheelchair club
  First issue of Paracontact in both German and French in A5 format, with a red cover and an unbelievable length of 80 pages!
1983 Opening an own SPA branch office in Kriens
  Founding of Zürich wheelchair diving club
1984 Founding of Bern wheelchair diving club and Gruyère wheelchair club
1985 Founding of de la Côte and Naters (today Oberwallis wheelchair club)
1986 Founding of Aarau wheelchair club (today Aargau wheelchair club)
1987 Founding of Lausanne, Solothurn and Yverdon (today du nord Vaudois wheelchair club)
1989 Founding of Jura wheelchair club
  The Culture and Leisure section issues a holiday concept
1990 Founding of Chur and Geneva wheelchair clubs
1991 Founding of Winterthur-Schaffhausen wheelchair club
1992 Founding of Neuchâtel wheelchair club and accession of Tessin wheelchair club
1993 Admission of the Swiss Paraplegic Association in Swiss Olympic as the organisation for Wheelchair Sport
  Founding of the Swiss Paraplegic Committee (the SPA is a benefactor)
  First issue of the sports magazine «Go Ahead» under the title «ParaSportContact», as the Para Contact is now published only four times per year. Editors Daniela Jutzeler and André Deville
1995 Opening of the Centre for Obstacle-free Building as a nationwide specialised department
  Rugby World Championship in Nottwil
  Founding of the Wallis Romande Wheelchair Club



The long experienced Central Secretary Werner Waldispühl hands over the SPA leadership to the new director, Dr. Thomas Troger
1998 Founding of Thurgau wheelchair club and Aargau wheelchair tennis club
  Enterprise reorganisation and introduction of modern management structures
  The SPA initiates a referendum to oppose the abolition of the quarter disability payment (4th disability insurance revision)
  Basketball European «B» Championship held in Nottwil, Switzerland
  Member’s publication receives the characteristic square with the title Paracontact



Conducted a referendum campaign against the abolition of the quarter disability payment (Won the referendum of the Swiss people with 69% majority)
  Rugby European Championship in Nottwil, Switzerland
2000 Paracontact is published in colour for the first time
  For the first time the SPA signs service contracts with the wheelchair clubs (earlier directly with the Federal Social Insurance)
2001 Acquisition of the Institute for Vocational Assessment and Employment
  Track and field athletics European Championships in Nottwil
  Tennis World Team Cup in Sion
2002 Curling World Championship in Sursee, Switzerland
  The SPA introduces the Association’s website and (wheelchair accessible hotels)



The SPA establishes contact with various European organisations representing disabled, to discuss founding a European Spinal Cord Injury Federation (ESCIF)
  The new disability equality law (BehiG) comes into force
  Curling World Championship in Sursee, Switzerland
  Basketball European «B» Championship in Uster, Switzerland



Founding of the European Spinal Cord Injury Federation (ESCIF) on the initiative of the SPA. The SPA operates the head office
  Hand-cycling World Championship in Aigle, Switzerland
  Sport shooting World Championship in Sargans, Switzerland
  Table tennis in Montreux, Switzerland
2007 Founding of Carouge wheelchair club
  Launching of the  website
2008 Dissolution of Bern Wheelchair Diving Club
  For the first time awareness courses offered to companies, associations and private persons
  Enhancement of public affairs in Bern with recruitment of extra resource personnel
  The network strategy continues to be enhanced through specific appointments to committees
  SPA inaugurates the social policy advisory group
  Curling World Championship in Sursee, Switzerland
  Basketball European «B» Championship in Nottwil, Switzerland
2009 Set up counselling services section
  New assignment for vocational assessment and employment: The service returns to SPC
  Strategic cooperation agreement with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation (SPF) through a service mandate
  The Clinique romande de réadaptation (CRR) and the SPA seal a cooperation agreement in the sector rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries. The SPA opens an office in Sion
  Daniel Joggi hands over the presidency to Christian Betl and becomes president of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.
  Wheelchair Sport Switzerland is given new structures and boosts professionalization of wheelchair sport
  IAWS track & field athletics Junior World Championships held in Nottwil
 2010 The SPA is awarded 4 stars for business excellence (EFQM)
  The SPC provides membership administration services to the wheelchair clubs through the RIA Portal
  Introduction of the sport lectures service
  Opening of the sports advisory corner at the Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic
  Badminton European Championship in Filzbach, Switzerland
2011 Wheelchair clubs Wetzikon and Uster merge to become wheelchair club Zürich Upland
  The Centre for Obstacle Free Building assumes the property management of the SPA
  Rugby European Championship in Nottwil
2012 Expansion and professionalization of sport lectures
  The new Sports Promotion Act comes into force
2013 The Tessin wheelchair club InSuperAbili is affiliated as the 27th club
  Expansion of public affairs section due to the disability insurance revision 6b
  The SPC begins to develop the new department «Applied Knowledge Transfer»
  The SPC enters into cooperation with the University of Lucerne
  The area of legal advice is enhanced
2014 An IPC Athletics Grand Prix takes place in Switzerland for the first time
  The SPV takes a seat on the board of Integration Handicap
  The SPV takes over the web application Paramap and further develops the service
  The Area of Life Counseling is enhanced
  Para-Archery European Championships in Nottwil, Switzerland



The SPC opens the Jubilee Year of the organizations of the Swiss Paraplegic Group with the presentation of a new wheelchair accessible converted coach
  Other events will follow
  The Institute for Social and Legal Advice (ISLA) is renamed the Institute of Legal Advice (ILA)
  Para-cycling World Championships in Nottwil
2016 The SPV is awarded 5 stars for Business Excellence (EFQM)
  The SPV wins the Swiss Arbeitgeber Award (Category 50-99 employees)