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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Kantonsstrasse 40

CH-6207 Nottwil

Fon +41 41 939 54 00




IBAN CH06 0900 0000 6001 2400 3




Our Corporate Vision


The corporate vision of the Swiss Paraplegics Association contains its guiding and action based principles. The headquarter is located in Nottwil. All decisions and actions on every level and in all areas have to be reviewed in alignment with our vision and its appropriate strategies. The congruency with its targets has to be ensured.



Our entire corporate thinking and actions are focused upon our members/clients satisfaction. Our intention is to address their needs, desires and challenges. We counsel and care for our members/clients humanly, professionally and reliable; offering individual support and commitment.



We offer a brought variety of services in the areas of Culture and Leisure, Social & Legal Advice, Wheelchair Sport, Obstacle-free Building as well as all aspects of daily living. We lead and affirm the entire holistic rehabilitation in close collaboration with other specialized Paraplegic Centres, and are available for life long support for members and relatives. We promote communal and vocational integration for our members, as well as most possible independence, responsibility and a self directed life style. We support and promote the regional Wheelchair Clubs and its members, especially as far as social, cultural and sports are concerned.


Organization and Leadership

The Swiss Paraplegics Association as the central umbrella association throughout Switzerland is also composed for all Wheelchair Clubs exclusively representing sections of the SPA. Our foundational principles build our statute, our corporate vision and our organizational rules and procedures. They are supplemented by strategies, corporate planning and other management tool. We work and perform as the central umbrella organization from our headquarters in Nottwil, for the German, Italian and French speaking parts of Switzerland. The SPA offers a managable overview of solutions, reacting quickly with decisions whereby offering concise options to ever changing circumstances.  Our leadership projects clarity and integrity creating «energy» of alignment, clearly unifying our purpose and our goals. This creates an environment in which all employees can team work easily, aspiring and enabling to their best performance and greatest potential. We work efficiently with clear goals and in strict adherence of our in house quality control and policy standards. We create solutions with a holistic view in mind, while searching for reasons, remedies and quick rectifications of possible lack. We understand ourselves as an innovative, creative and visionary organization.



Our services/benefits are provided through optimal quality control, which are in accordance of our strict in house quality control standards. Our first priority is the total satisfaction of our members/clients.



We continually strive for highest standards, possible improvement in all of our management affairs, work flow and in the achievement of our goals. This code of practice is based on foundational results, customer orientation, leadership, goal ramification and management with its processes and facts. Quality assurance, continual employee education and participation, innovation and betterment, building of partnerships and our responsibility in regards to the community.



We work in an environment that is based on performance, teamwork as well as honesty, respect, self esteem and personal regard. We cultivate high standards in regards to humanitarian, professional and social competence, as well as the responsibility to promote this level of interaction amongst all our employees. We foster and promote the employment of the handicapped. We emphasize the importance of receiving open and adequate information. As well as we aspire to create a level of conflict resolution based on respect and constructive communication of everyone involved.

Our permanent employees are supported by approximately 120 part-time employees and 1’800 volunteers and honorary members. Only in this way can the wide range of services for the spinal cord injured be made available throughout the whole of Switzerland.


Finances and Economy

We are able to offer a wide variety of services due to the generous support and donation of the Swiss Paraplegic Beneficence through which we are able to support its goals. For services of Art. 73 and 74 IVG we also receive contributions from the federal social security office. We provide our services economically. We arrange and operate our activities with an efficient accountancy, a targeted controlling and a systematic activity recording.


Public Relations/Community

We educate and inform the public about the challenges of spinal cord injury patients and promote equal opportunity thereof. We also sensitize the public about the concerns of our members standing up on its behave in the community as well as the public authorities. We work together with other representatives as well as public/community services in a co-operative way.



In our daily actions and handlings we consider all aspects of appropriate environmental protection. Wherever possible we choose to replace ‘unsafe' products with environmentally safe ones as well as our means and procedures are backed by that same vision.