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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Kantonsstrasse 40

CH-6207 Nottwil

Fon +41 41 939 54 00




IBAN CH06 0900 0000 6001 2400 3




Our Corporate Values


The Swiss Paraplegic Association (SPA) has a clearly defined and obligatory corporate values. These determine the corporate culture and define their actions and approach, together with the individual knowledge of the individual employees. The corporate values are as follows:


Mutual Trust

We promote performance orientated and mutual cooperation with employees and members, also partners and providers. We therefore promote personal responsibility among  employees.


Honesty applies externally and internally. We therefore value open and appropriate information.



Loyalty applies to the business as well as the requirements. We issue the needs of our members and we represent them. Our management therefore demands and promotes a high level of humane, corporate and social competence from all its employees.






We respect our members and their individual requirements and we take them seriously. Our highest aim is the satisfaction of our members and the quality of life for all of them. The performance of employees is appraised by the leadership and management (e.g. staff and personal motivation). We solve internal and external conflicts with respect through constructive dialogue among the participants.


Quality Awareness

We strive for continuous improvements in all processess and behaviour patterns. This practice is based on outcomes and customer orientation, leadership and targeted consequences, management with processes and facts as well as quality assurance. We further value employee development and participation, continuous learning and responsibility towards the public.