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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Wheelchair Sport Switzerland

Kantonsstrasse 40

CH-6207 Nottwil

Phone +41 41 939 54 11  



IBAN CH06 0900 0000 6001 2400 3


Sport Academy


The RSS Sport Academy is the competence centre for junior athletes in Paralympic wheelchair sport. Their ultimate goal is the compatibility of education/occupation with competitive sport. In addition, the  comprehensive concept should allow the athletes to optimise their sports environment - possibly also in connection with relocation to Nottwil - and to support them on their way to performance optimisation.




Marco Bruni

Head of athlete development

041 939 54 50




The RSS Sport Academy offers support and advice in:




The basis of every career is a care-free private life: A family which supports the young athlete and friends outside of sport who are there for the athlete, despite time pressures. The housing situation must suit the athlete and facilitate short travel distances. In addition, the insurance and social security situations must be clarified and overall financing must be secured. The most important questions in life should be solved and thereby burden the athlete as little as possible.


The Sport Academy supports:

  • Financial advice (in cooperation with the SPA life guidance)

  • Source potential supporters, donors and foundations

  • Advice on all aspects of life if required or mediation by any consultation services (in cooperation with the SPC life guidance)

  • All consultations with the Sport Academy are free of charge for athletes and their parents






Vocational training and/or studies occur for the athlete just when the training programme should be intensified. Therefore, the choice of optimal apprenticeship is central: On the one hand it must suit the preferences and abilities of the athlete, on the other hand, the location of the training centre can be determinative. The geographical location must suit the training centre and in some cases vice versa. The coexistence of education and a competitive sports career should coexist as conflict-free as possible.


The Sport Academy supports:

  • Overview of the most diverse schools and apprenticeships in Switzerland

  • Network with partners in Vocational Training

  • Advice on choosing the appropriate school or finding a sport-friendly apprenticeship firm

  • Maintain contact with the training centre and support planning as well as holiday requests

  • Arrangement of any conceivable special tuition (in cooperation with the SPV life guidance)






Optimal performance achievement is the goal of every young athlete. The body should therefore always function perfectly so as to implement the required training and competition plan. The athlete should always feel fit and healthy. Regular, balanced and stability training as well as suitable recuperation measures are necessary. Nevertheless, if injury or illness occurs, immediate, individual and competent sports medical care is indispensable.


The Sport Academy supports:

  • Coordinated performance development in consultation with the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre, Nottwil

  • Regular sports medical examinations by the sports medicine department of the SPC

  • Prompt and direct access to sports medicine of the SPC in cases of injury and illness

  • Advice on recuperation and injury prevention

  • Contact with competent partners for prophylaxis and stabilisation training

  • Contact with competent entities for recuperation and massage

  • Offering balanced training in complementary sports






In addition to a physically functioning body, there are numerous other factors which influence performance and its development. Healthy and adequate nutrition form the basis for the body to endure the stresses. In addition to sports equipment, additional material is necessary in many sports. This material must be purchased and professionally maintained. In addition, the athlete has to learn to deal with defeats as well as victories and prepare to be capable of providing top performances at the decisive moments. Apart from competition, he must have the right mind-set every day to meet the demands of apprenticeship and training.


The Sport Academy supports:

  • Regular contact with the athlete and monitoring of the development process

  • Contact with nutritional counselling if necessary

  • Mentoring and, if necessary, mediation of mental trainers or sports psychologists

  • Advice in the field of materials, mediation of competent sport-specific partners, manufacturers and advisors from distribution companies

  • Advice or procurement of advice in all other possible factors of the sporting environment






For the athlete to be successful, he needs to be in a sports-specific outstanding physical condition. Depending on the sport, speed, endurance, strength and their related factors vary in importance. Here the athletes are usually excellently advised and looked after by their personal trainers. On the other hand, not every personal trainer can be present at all training sessions.


The Sport Academy supports:

  • Coordination of the cooperation between the personal trainer and the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre in Nottwil
  • Advice to the personal trainer and/or athlete if required
  • Contact to the absolute top experts in cases of specific detailed questions
  • Training according to the instructions of the personal trainer





Technology and tactics (T&T)

Sports-specific skills and abilities are the alpha and omega of developing the athlete. These are practiced under the guidance of the personal trainer. Often there are other skills such as concentration, coordination and cognition that are not the main priority for a given sport. Accordingly, they are not trained to the same extent and are usually only applied in a sport specific manner. These basic skills can be promoted through supplementary training.


The Sport Academy supports:

  • Advice to the personal trainer and/or athlete if required
  • Contact to top experts in cases of specific detailed questions
  • Training according to the instructions of the personal trainer
  • Offering balanced training in complementary sports