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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Kantonsstrasse 40

CH-6207 Nottwil

Fon +41 41 939 54 00




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Amortization Contributions


Motor vehicle costs will be remunerated in the form of an amortization payment. Full costs are compensated with this money, e.g. doctors examination of ability to drive, certification of motor vehicle, drivers licence, number plates, anti-rust treatment as well as annual repair costs (incl. Possible taxi costs).


Amortization payments:
CHF 3,000.- per year pauschal


The following conditions must apply for the invalidity insurance amortization payment to be granted:

  • The person must be presumed continuously attain a minimum earned wage (or a minimum apprenticeship income): This is the case when the income reaches the midway point between minimum and maximum of the regular old age pension (at present 1'778.-). This is applied also to the self employed and others who are categorised as being in a minimum wage earning occupation ( e.g. household duties with main responsibility for the household).
  • The person must be dependent on a motor vehicle to get to and from work due to disability; the use of other means of transport not being possible within reason. When another person in the same situation requires a motor vehicle to get to work due to inadequate availability of public transport, or when the motor vehicle is used for work or belongs to his work, (e.g. taxi driver or company rep.) then the conditions dictated by disability are not met.

It is not necessary that the person themselves can drive the car. If the person is not able to, it must therefore be proved that the person is regularly brought to and from work by a person (e.g. spouse, parent) qualified to drive a motor vehicle (318632d.pdf only in german).


To claim the amortization payment, the disability insurance financial form No. 318.362 must be filled out and sent to the appropriate disability insurance. These forms can be ordered either directly from the disability insurance or from the SPV, Central Services (041-939 54 00).