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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Kantonsstrasse 40

CH-6207 Nottwil

Fon +41 41 939 54 00




IBAN CH06 0900 0000 6001 2400 3




Membership at the Swiss Paraplegics Association


The 27 wheelchair clubs enrol members directly. Members are generally people with paraplegia, tetraplegia, spina bifida or polio. Every active member of a wheelchair club is automatically a member of the Swiss Paraplegic Association (SPA), this is included in the membership fee. Active members of wheelchair clubs can greatly profit from the heavily subsidised or cost-free services of the SPA. There are however some restrictions, for example in holiday travel limits of tetraplegic respite holidays.


The Swiss Paraplegics Association can also be supported under sponsorship by becoming a passive member of the association. This will not automatically make one a member of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation trust. A passive member's fee of a least CHF 30.00 yearly, will ensure the receiving of the association's quarterly magazine Paracontact right to one's door step to keep continually informed. Of course we welcome any additional support and thank you for your generosity in advance.


Club membership (wheelchair users)

Is the most popular due to its attractive services and offers.
Active members of a Wheelchair Club - independent of a SCI or not, automatically join the Swiss Paraplegics Association as well. Benefits: ability to actively participate during the voting and election process within the club, as well as the entitlement to full benefit offers.

  • Yearly Dues CHF 30.00 Up to CHF 80.00 (depending on club)

Passive Membership (Pedestrians)

(only in German)

For natural and legal individuals, partnerships, and corporate body of public justice, the SPA within her duties and (without special rights) support. Everybody receives the magazine Paracontact.

  • Yearly Dues CHF 30.00


(Not to mistake this membership with that of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.)


Membership with the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation/Charitable Trust

Not to mistake this membership with that of the Swiss Paraplegics Association.

You receive a support contribution of 250'000 Swiss Francs as a member of the Benefactors’ Association of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation if you suffer spinal cord injury through accident and thus become permanently wheelchair-dependent. This applies regardless of insurance benefits, accident location or place of treatment.