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Swiss Paraplegics Association

Wheelchair Sport Switzerland

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CH-6207 Nottwil

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Table Tennis


Table tennis is often also called Ping-Pong; a term which drives the ambitioned players crazy. Anyone having lost a game against a highly paralyzed player in a wheelchair will be on guard, to call this attractive and fast game sarcastically Ping-Pong ever again. Table tennis is a sport that is appropriate for the different goal groups and enables many different levels of physical ability to play for fun or at a top level.


All wheelchair riders will come in contact with table tennis at one point during their recovery, which enables them to make important discoveries in regards to balance, stability and coordination. This does not mean that table tennis is put in the categories of movement therapy and rehabilitation therapy only. Table tennis requires high technical as well as tactical abilities. It is an art to be able to use its technique to get the ball to high speed and through cleverness and a little ‘low down' to get the desired points.


If you have never witnessed a live table top tournament it's a worthwhile event to attend. Anyone wanting to be more than just a spectator can get to know this interesting sport through our TK Table Tennis, or through the different wheelchair clubs, while receiving professional help to play magic with the ‘little ball.'


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